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qfitsdumper Struct Reference

#include <qfits_image.h>

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Detailed Description

qfits dumper control object

This structure offers various control parameters to dump a pixel buffer to a FITS file. The buffer will be dumped as requested to the requested file in append mode. Of course, the requested file must be writeable for the operation to succeed.

The following example demonstrates how to save a linear ramp sized 100x100 to a FITS file with BITPIX=16. Notice that this code only dumps the pixel buffer, no header information is provided in this case.

    int   i, j ;
    int * ibuf ;
    qfitsdumper    qd ;

    // Fill a buffer with 100x100 int pixels
    ibuf = malloc(100 * 100 * sizeof(int));
    for (j=0 ; j<100 ; j++) {
        for (i=0 ; i<100 ; i++) {
            ibuf[i+j*100] = i+j ;

    qd.filename  = "out.fits" ;     // Output file name
    qd.npix      = 100 * 100 ;      // Number of pixels
    qd.ptype     = PTYPE_INT ;      // Input buffer type
    qd.ibuf      = ibuf ;           // Set buffer pointer
    qd.out_ptype = BPP_16_SIGNED ;  // Save with BITPIX=16

    // Dump buffer to file (error checking omitted for clarity)


If the provided output file name is "STDOUT" (all capitals), the function will dump the pixels to the stdout steam (usually the console, could have been re-directed).

Definition at line 239 of file qfits_image.h.

Public Attributes

double * dbuf
float * fbuf
char * filename
int * ibuf
int npix
int out_ptype
int ptype

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