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qfits_table* qfits_table_new ( const char *  filename,
int  table_type,
int  table_width,
int  nb_cols,
int  nb_raws 

Table object constructor.

filename Name of the FITS file associated to the table
table_type Type of the table (QFITS_ASCIITABLE or QFITS_BINTABLE)
table_width Width in bytes of the table
nb_cols Number of columns
nb_raws Number of raws
The table object The columns are also allocated. The object has to be deallocated with qfits_table_close()

Definition at line 300 of file qfits_table.c.

References col, filename, nc, nr, tab_t, and tab_w.

Referenced by qfits_table_open().

    qfits_table    *    qt ;
    qt = qfits_malloc(sizeof(qfits_table)) ;
    (void)strcpy(qt->filename, filename) ;
    qt->tab_t = table_type ;
    qt->nc = nb_cols ;
    qt->nr = nb_raws ;
    qt->col = qfits_calloc(qt->nc, sizeof(qfits_col)) ;
    qt->tab_w = table_width ;
    return qt ;

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