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int qfits_table_append_xtension_hdr ( FILE *  outfile,
const qfits_table t,
const void **  data,
const qfits_header hdr 

Appends a specified extension header + data to a FITS table file.

outfile Pointer to (opened) file ready for writing.
t Pointer to qfits_table
data Table data to write
hdr Specified extension header
int 0 if Ok, -1 otherwise
Dumps a FITS table to a file. The whole table described by qfits_table, and the data arrays contained in 'data' are dumped to the file following the specified fits header. The output is then padded to reach a multiple of 2880 bytes in size. Notice that no main header is produced, only the extension part.

Definition at line 1578 of file qfits_table.c.

References qfits_header_dump().

    /* Write the fits header in the file  */
    if (qfits_header_dump(hdr, outfile) == -1) {
        qfits_error("cannot dump header in file") ;
        return -1 ;

    /* Append the data to the file */
    return qfits_table_append_data(outfile, t, data) ;

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