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qfits_header* qfits_table_prim_header_default ( void   ) 

Generate a default primary header to store tables.

the header object

Definition at line 123 of file qfits_table.c.

References qfits_header_append(), and qfits_header_new().

    qfits_header    *    fh ;

    fh = qfits_header_new() ;

    qfits_header_append(fh, "SIMPLE", "T", "Standard FITS file", NULL) ;
    qfits_header_append(fh, "BITPIX", "8", "ASCII or bytes array", NULL) ;
    qfits_header_append(fh, "NAXIS", "0", "Minimal header", NULL) ;
    qfits_header_append(fh, "EXTEND", "T", "There may be FITS ext", NULL);
    qfits_header_append(fh, "END", NULL, NULL, NULL) ;

    return fh ;

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